Full transcript from Del Potros press conference after reaching the finals in Stockholm

After reaching the finals in IF Stockholm Open, Juan Martin Del Potro sat down and shared his thoughts. Here is the full transcript from Saturdays press conference in Stockholm.

There were some frustration out there with some linecalls and overrules from Mohamed Lahyani in the chair. What is your take on it?

Mohamed is a great umpire. We also make mistakes out there and it’s normal and part of the game.

You had a breakpoint in the beginning of the second set and you were upset of a linecall when Mohamed Lahyani went in and overruled. Even when you are upset you seem to be very calm. Is it boiling inside you?

Yeah, I try to be calm at all times even when I feel frustration on some calls. As I said everyone can make mistakes and sometimes we players see a different mark than the umpires and we are wrong. We have to stay positive and focus on the match, not on the marks. I played a very smart game and being focused all the time was the key to the win I think. 

After all of your injuries recent years, how much does it mean for you to play the finals tomorrow?

It’s great. I didn’t except to play on this level this year. I just wanted to play tennis as best as I can and I’m doing better and better which is good for my future. If I win tomorrow it would be great, if not, I will be happy because there have been very good players here.

Can you find any positivities with your injuries?

I have improved my volley and slices. I would like to play harder and hit winners with my backhand. I can’t do that at the moment but If i start playing a smart game on this surface with slices and drop shots it would help a lot with my game. I would like to get my backhand back as soon as I can to be in the top positions and to win big trophies you must be 100-procent all the way.

Do you sometimes think back to 2009 and what would have happen with your career if you didn’t get injured?

No, because I was really close to quit tennis last year. I’m trying to live life in the moment. I didn’t expect to win a silvermedal beating Djokovic and Rafa. When I was 100-procent i couldn’t do that in London (Masters). This is a new chapter for me and I will try to keep improving every day.

Who want do you meet in the final. Sock or Zverev?

I don’t mind. Both will be difficult for me. They serve good and move fast from the baseline. Sock beat me in Madrid and Zverev would be a hard match as well. In the finals anything can happen.

How far away is your backhand? When do you expect to play 100-percent backhand?

– I don’t know. If you check my backhand two months ago I was only playing slices was slices. I’m gonna keep trying because in the end if you don’t give up you will get that backhand work again.

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